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Collection of Iron Tsuba.

W 70-90mm H 75-95mm

Ref: WEB329

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Bronze flying handle temple vase.

W 510mm H 300mm

Ref: WEB339

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Bamboo root carving of a seated frog.(4097)

W 180mm H 150mm

Ref: WEB341

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Iron-Stone water-jet-carving of a vessel.

W 260mm H 240mm

Ref: WEB357

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Mother of pearl inlaid on lacquer sewing box.

W 360mm H 150mm

Ref: WEB362

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Suit of Armour. Iron Dou of Yoroi and Kabuto were made by Miyata Katsusada during Kyoho period C.1730. Prov.Nabeshima familly in Saga province.(4094)

W 500mm H 1000mm

Ref: WEB366

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Negoro lacquered wooden Saddle with mother of pearl and lead inlaid design of banners inscribed and dated ; Keicho 13th year August good fortune day. Ref.coll.Sakai city museum no.234. "Red lacquer-Utility and beauty of Negoro". Spring special exhibition, April-May 1986.

W 400mm H 400mm

Ref: WEB392

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A domed coffer decorated in gold hiramaki-e and inlaid in mother-of pearl on a black lacquer ground.

W 203mm H 140mm

Ref: WEB398

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A silvered bronze model of a pheasant on a drift wood stand.(4335)

W 380mm H 270mm

Ref: WEB435

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Ikebana Basket; Title "Araiso"(Big wave) Signed; Hou-unsai Kougetsu (Born 1932 in Niigata) M8J9,23

W 360mm H 360mm

Ref: WEB479

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