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Cast iron Insence burner with cover, gold & silver inlay decorated. A model of a Jyuro-jin. Signed; Komai-sei. (S8J59)

W 130mm H 140mm

Ref: WEB494

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Lobed sentoku bronze box & cover,inlay of silver & gold decoration. Provenance;Spencer familly, (The Althorp House).(4493)

W 90mm H 30mm

Ref: WEB495

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A sentoku bronze box & cover,inlay of gold & silver.(4493) Provenance;Spencer familly(The Althorp House)

W 60mm H 13mm

Ref: WEB496

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Small Cloisonne Vase, with "cherry blossom amongst stream" decoration.(M8J89)

W 60mm H 100mm

Ref: WEB498

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Cloisonne Vase, with chrysanthemum decoration.Signed; Tamura. (4575)

W 120mm H 240mm

Ref: WEB499

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Cast bronze model of a Falcon. Signed Seikyu-saku.(M8J145)

W 170mm H 280mm

Ref: WEB500

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Bronze Insence Burner and cover in the shape of a sleeping rabbit. Signed on the base.(4570)

W 140mm H 70mm

Ref: WEB501

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Bronze model of a group of frogs.(4361)

W 160mm H 90mm

Ref: WEB502

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Bronze model of an boar. (S8J72)

W 140mm H 155mm

Ref: WEB503

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Bronze model of an cormorant.Signed Hashimoto Choshu, with a original box.(8J116)

W 130mm H 330mm

Ref: WEB504

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