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Keyaki wood Jizai hook.

W 420mm H 400mm

Ref: WEB539

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Samurai Helmet(Jin-Gasa), black lacquered wood decorated with golden Mon (family crest) of UME, Maeda family (Kaga provenance). The lacquered wood jingasas are made from wood and not metal indicates that their principal function was not for protection against arrows and striking weapons, but rather offering shelter from the sun and rain. The metal hat however was definitely made to protect. A similar

W 350mm H 160mm

Ref: WEB540

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Fruit-wood carving of a Lion.

W 290mm H 150mm

Ref: WEB545

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Shibayama decorated Ivory Fan.(4428)

W 530mm H 300mm

Ref: WEB550

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Complete set of Tale of ISE (Ise monogatari) KARUTA card game,209 pictures and 209 Waka(kana writing) poems.(4603)

W 213mm H 155mm

Ref: WEB569

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A bomboo carving of a tabaco pouch formed of a toad.(4587)

W 60mm H 100mm

Ref: WEB573

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A wooden model of a Tiger with white lacquered decoration.(4445)

W 150mm H 120mm

Ref: WEB579

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Japanese bronze image of a farmer leading a bull on a bronze and wood stand, with a golden plaque and inscription in English: "Representing prizes won by Halcyone 1906", signed on the bronze base; Kazumasa.

W 680mm H 380mm

Ref: WEB584

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Japanese lacquered wood vase. Hashi-Ichi style (4887)

W 195mm H 465mm

Ref: WEB600

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Square lacquer box and cover with lead edges.(4808)

W 70mm H 20mm

Ref: WEB637

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