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Shibayama inlaid ivory box and cover. (4729)

W 90mm H 25mm

Ref: WEB666

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Musen-Shippo vase, by Ando Jyubei. (4730)

W 160mm H 450mm

Ref: WEB667

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A pair of Gold lacquer sake bottle. (4732)

W 90mm H 220mm

Ref: WEB672

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A superb and Impressive large Gama Sen-nin Bronze in Sentoku(the special alloy ,yellow-green bronze) with hand upraised supporting a wide opened lotus leaf with small toad,his eyes glancing upward toward the tiny amphibian and leaf which bares a rare red splash bronze patina.The sage has very long finger and toe nails and thick matted hair appropriate to a mountain ascetic.His robes are decorated and engraved with a beautiful pattern enhanced with gold.His face,feet and hands are developed in a deep,rich AKAGANE(patinated copper).The patina bears the warmth,glow and depth that only TIME could develop,enhancing this beautiful work of art. Attributed to WATANABE,an early Meiji master of bronze sculpture,whose pieces feature vivid characterization and imaginative,precise detailing. Provenance;Purchased from Orientations gallery on July 4, 1995. (4804)

W 230mm H 650mm

Ref: WEB680

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FINE bunko(document box) and Suzuribako(writing box),style of Ogawa Haritsu,seal mark of KAN. Each of typical form and decorated in Gold hiramakie,takamakie,kirigane,muranashiji and silver,ceranic and mother-of-pearl inlays on a natural woodgrain (ceder)ground with an owl in a branch and a deer in moonlight,copper waterdropper and slate inkstone.

W 393mm H 250mm

Ref: WEB689

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Large inlaid-Iron insence burner(koro) of rounded rectangular form with curved sides,lug handles and on four raised bracket feet,elaborately inlaid with large,shaped panels on the front and back of birds and flowers in gold,silver,copper and shakudo,the sides with gourd,fan and geometric shaped reserves containing different trees and flowers on a ground of foliate scroll,the domed lid carved with stylized dragons,moths and other insects and surmounted by a large finial in the form of Kannon with a cup and box at the hem of the robe;the interior lined with gilded metal.

W 350mm H 520mm

Ref: WEB690

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Gold lacquer cabinet covered in ivory carvings of a covey (flock of quails) hiding amongst the long reeds. Each quail has an inlaid eye. (5006)

W 300mm H 415mm

Ref: WEB694

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Koro. (incense burner.) A Bronze model of a tiger with its tail swirling upwards as if to pounce on prey. (5019)

W 260mm H 420mm

Ref: WEB696

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Shibayama decorated box and cover with a red seal mark of Masahisa. Milefiori style. (4973)

W 110mm H 50mm

Ref: WEB710

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Embroidered birds and flowers on a pale blue silk background.

W 1800mm H 2200mm

Ref: WEB728

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