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Noh-Robe. Embroidered peony tree on a orange and cream silk background with gold threads. (4920)

W 1500mm H 1700mm

Ref: WEB729

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Cloissione enamel circular box and cover ddecorated with birds and flowers. (4559)

W 135mm H 70mm

Ref: WEB740

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Coiled embroidery dragon hanging. (5025)

W 800mm H 1300mm

Ref: WEB752

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Yokoyama Ichimu. Inlaid wood depicting a gaggle (flock of geese) flying under the moon on cedar wood panel. (5020) Awarded--KUN 4th TOU ZUIHOUSHOU ,1982

W 1710mm H 1150mm

Ref: WEB754

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Paper mache(si-so-doll). Model of a boy and girl watching the goldfish in the bowl. Title: Kingyo Signed: Saburou-saku (5101)

W 80mm H 90mm

Ref: WEB774

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Gold leafed lotus flower, leaf and pod.

W 250mm H 1250mm

Ref: WEB776

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A bronze koro (incense burner)and cover, in the form of three detachable quaill standing on a tied bunch of millet stalks, their heads turned in different directions, the perforated plumage of one removable for the incense,signed in a rectangular reserve Kamejo; with wood storage box. (5091)

W 120mm H 115mm

Ref: WEB781

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Solid 18k Gold (153g) Cigarette Case. Engraved Han Shan and his monk friend reading scroll. Signed Sho-min and Kakihan. (5118)

W 105mm H 80mm

Ref: WEB795

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Japanese bronze ewer 5143-60

Ref: WEB841

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Japanese porcelain depicting a cat. Seal mark Yoshi 5145

W 260mm H 290mm

Ref: WEB845

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