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Etching & Dry point, signed.

"Hong Kong, Loading Junk"

W 490mm H 470mm

Ref: WEB412 (4284)

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Scroll calligraphy "Truth" (shin-ri) Sumi on paper,seal mark of Shiko. Registered no.2348 certified by the authority Munakata Shiko Kantei-iinkai.

W 448mm H 692mm

Ref: WEB542

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Japanese painting on cedar wood, signed in the front and back, in the original cardboard case. (3321)

W 150mm H 220mm

Ref: WEB861

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Japanese scroll by Toko Shinoda ( 1912 -) Fitted in original box signed in ink by the artist. Depicting Japanese calligraphy So- Sho style, ”on the green field”. Accompanied with the original receipt sold to Mr Tanaka from the artist on 4th of June 1962 for 25.000 yen.

W 255mm H 1360mm

Ref: WEB945

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Paper, mineral pigments. 


H:192cm L:66.5cm

Signed by Shochiku bai pine and bamboo plum

WEB1178 (5434)

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Woodblock Print

Title: Katsura Kyoto, Edition 10/100

Signed: Kiyoshi Saito (dated:1965)

Size: 61 x 46 cm

WEB1265 (1938)


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Tokaido, Kanagawa (well known travel route in Edo Period) 

Daimyo Gyoretsu 

Lord going to or coming back from Edo to their state with his samurai knights


WEB1267 (5331)

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View of Ochanomizu (Ochanomizu no zu), from the series "Famous Places in the Eastern Capital (Toto meisho)",

c. 1832/39

Compare to: Clarence Buckingham Collection, 1925 

Color woodblock print; oban
24.5 x 38.2 cm 

WEB1268 (5331)

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Title: Prayer

Mint Condition 

47 x 63 cm

WEB1291 (2190)


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Kana Calligraphy in frame (brushwork)

28 x 34cm

Ref: WEB1301 (662) (43)

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