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6-panel screen,painted on paper of gold and silver mountain with clouds above.

W 3780mm H 1720mm

Ref: WEB378 (3993)

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2-panel screen,the painting of a puppy and a deer.(3993)

Ref: WEB380 (3993)

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6-panel screen,painted on paper of a herd of deer. Signed Hosui-hitsu

W 2700mm H 1360mm

Ref: WEB383 (3993)

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One of a pair of 8-panel screen , painted with Sumi on paper of mountain scenery.Signed.

W 5040mm H 1720mm

Ref: WEB384 (4105)

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2-panel screen, painted with mineral pigments on a silk and gold background.The scene of Spring shrubs. Ripma school.

W 1190mm H 1550mm

Ref: WEB385 (U)

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2-panel screen, painted on paper with mineral pigments. Scene of drying hand made paper at Gokayama.

W 1400mm H 1710mm

Ref: WEB386 (4105)

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Oukoku Konoshima(1877-1938). Hanging scroll,ink and colour painting on paper of a puppy. Signed and oval seal mark of Oukoku.

W 296mm H 1303mm

Ref: WEB393 (2209)

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Koui Kanou(1569-1636). Hanging Scroll, painting on paper of a tiger. Double square seal mark of Koui.

W 277mm H 750mm

Ref: WEB396 (4106)

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Pair of hanging scroll, painted with natural pigments of a Chinese pavilion and figures. Attributed to Eitoku Kanou(1543-1590). 

W 595mm H 1345mm

Ref: WEB397 (4142)

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Two-panel screen, painted with ink on paper of a Farm-land near Mt.Yoshida. Signed in the back "Hisagawa"

W 1420mm H 1530mm

Ref: WEB400 (4105)

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