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Chocolate Drinking Cup and Cover with Saucer

H:12cm D:15.3cm

WEB1226 (3577)

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Imari Teapot with Flowers and Arabesque Design

H:11cm W:16cm

WEB1227 (2658)

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Square Section Teapot with Peonies and Chrysanthemum Design

H:8cm W:13cm

WEB1228 (R)

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Oil jug "N" marked, gold and red decoration.

H:11cm W:11cm

WEB1229 (1133)

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Square section ewer

H:9.5cm W:15.5cm 

WEB1230 (K833)


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Vinegar Ewer, overlay red and gold colours in blossom flower design

H:13.5 cm W:10cm

WEB1231 (K492) 

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"A" marked flowers and arabesque design

H:14.5 W:13cm

WEB1232 (4988)

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"S", "O" marked flowers in arabesque design (2 pieces)

H:16.5 cm W:13cm

WEB1233 (2448)

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Slender Neck Bottle Vase with Blossom Tree Design

H:24cm W:9cm

WEB1234 (3442)

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Slender neck vase, Chrysanthemums design

H:26cm W:14cm

WEB1235 (4677)

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