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White glazed incense burner and cover

W 150mm H 180mm

Ref: WEB248

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White inlayed willow pattern celadon cup, (4766)

W 85mm H 45mm

Ref: WEB657

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A Korean Inlaid Celadon Glazed Cup Stand. The lobed dish realised on a flaring petal-shaped base, with a central raised flange, decorated with six delicate flower heads. (5305)

W 130mm H 45mm

Ref: WEB1092

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A Korean Celadon Stoneware pot, Choson Dynasty. A dear, crane, clouds turtle and mushroom moulded and calligraphy moulded on the lid. (5315)

W 170mm H 170mm

Ref: WEB1093

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A grey stoneware inlay bottle (Mishima type)

Ref: WEB157 (1789A)

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Pottery, white slip inlay.

Joseon dynasty (1392-1910)


H:10cm D:20cm

With deep rounded sides tapering sharply to a ring foot, the interior decorated with white-slip inlay of stamped floral medallions within a lappet band. The exterior is decorated with multiple inlaid squares below a border, covered by a thin glaze tinged with green.

web1117 (5173A)

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