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Large mother of pearl inlayed wedding cabinet

W 790mm H 650mm

Ref: WEB40

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A mother-of-pearl inlay wedding chest and cover

W 660mm H 350mm

Ref: WEB155

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Silver inlay steel box, with a secret lock.(3706)

W 100mm H 60mm

Ref: WEB375

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Wooden Candle Stick with drawer at the base. (4921)

W 169mm H 515mm

Ref: WEB715

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Granite stone lantern in two parts (5148)

W 485mm H 1400mm

Ref: WEB852

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Granite stone carved standing figure. (5148)

W 300mm H 1200mm

Ref: WEB855

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A Large Korean Ancestor Painting on silk. Depicting a seated figure wearing loosely fitting robes with an attendant behind, in bamboo frame. (5298)

W 810mm H 1370mm

Ref: WEB1089

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A wood carved wedding duck (Ten-Gan no Rei)

W 290mm H 220mm

Ref: WEB154 (3421A)

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Lacquer Koro (Incense burner) with silver lid.

Title: Kaori (Fragrance)

Aritist:Takana Mitsuo

11 x 11 cm

WEB1272 (S8J65)

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