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Granite stone lantern in two parts (5148)

W 485mm H 1400mm

Ref: WEB852

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Granite stone carved standing figure. (5148)

W 300mm H 1200mm

Ref: WEB855

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A wood carved wedding duck (Ten-Gan no Rei)

W 290mm H 220mm

Ref: WEB154 (3421A)

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A Large Korean Ancestor Painting on silk. Depicting a seated figure wearing loosely fitting robes with an attendant behind, in bamboo frame. (5298)

W 810mm H 1370mm

Ref: WEB1089

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Three Korean Woodblock Prints

Date: 1969 By B. Lak-jong

Award Dancing Edition 24/300

Young Couple Going Out

"Yangban' Picnic

30 x 21cm 

Ref: WEB1309 (4532)


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4-panel screen, the scenr of mountainous landscape. Signed; Seiden.

W 1600mm H 1630mm

Ref: WEB252

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8-panel screen,the scene of flora and fauna. Signed; Jun-Sai.

W 2380mm H 1690mm

Ref: WEB253 (2788)

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