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Annamese blue and white water dropper, HOI AN HOARD.(shipwreck)

W 83mm H 45mm

Ref: WEB88

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An annamese blue and white slender neck vase

Ref: WEB128

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A annamese blue and white vase (Hoi An Hoard)

Ref: WEB130

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Annamese blue & white porcelain bowl

W 125mm H 85mm

Ref: WEB201

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Annamese underglaze blue and overglaze green and red Charger.(4116)

W 350mm H 78mm

Ref: WEB368

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An annamese blue and white vase

Ref: WEB127 (2475)

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A collection of three Annamese Blue and White Kogo. Hoi An Hoard( left side one is sold)

W 60mm H 60mm

Ref: WEB131 (2980) (2982)

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A annamese blue and white dish (Hoi An Hoard)

Ref: WEB132 (1578)

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A rare Annamese cream glazed ewer of ovoid form modelled with a zoomorphic spout and stylised scrolling handle, the elegant neck narrowing sharply and widening into a dish-shaped mouth, the cream glaze with overall crackling, the upper shoulder decorated with a band of double concentric lines containing abstract foliate motifs painted in underglaze iron-brown. This is a sophisticated and refined example of an early Annamese ceramic ewer with characteristic abstract painting in underglaze iron brown. It is offset with well defined zoomorphic spout and curvaceous scrolling handle and is distinguished by the excellent condition of its glaze with no signs of degradation. Reference: A similar Annamese cream glazed ewer with a greenish tint was formerly in the Piccus collection. It had a longer more prominent spout and foliate cover. The glaze was however water degraded with areas of flaking. See the collection catalogue "Important Annamese Ceramics from the Piccus Collection", London 1984: fig no. 7. (5237)

W 180mm H 180mm

Ref: WEB1002

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Iranian turquoise bowl, Gulgong (4881)

W 80mm H 215mm

Ref: WEB924

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