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Iranian turquoise bowl, Gulgong (4881)

W 80mm H 215mm

Ref: WEB924

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Persian turquoise glaze vase, Gulgong (4881)

W 150mm H 85mm

Ref: WEB926

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Persian turquoise and silver glaze vase, Gulgong (4881)

W 120mm H 200mm

Ref: WEB927

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Persian turquoise glaze bowl, Gulgong (4881)

W 190mm H 100mm

Ref: WEB931

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Annameseolive green celadon glaze ewer with cover. Lobed shape with carved decoration on the body. (5237)

W 185mm H 230mm

Ref: WEB1003

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Persian turquoise glaze bowl, 12-13th century,

Excavated in Gulgan.(4881)

W 135mm H 55mm

Ref: WEB930

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Persian, turquoise glaze ewer, Gulgong Fritware body with black Islamic writing.  (4881)

W 95mm H 135mm

Ref: WEB928

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13th century


H:6.5cm D:6cm

A Persian bowl decorated with a bird



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Kashan 13th century.

Earthenware (5484)

Decorated in underglaze cobalt blue.


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An Persian pottery with geometric pattern designed.

W 210mm H 200mm

Ref: WEB947 (4881)

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