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Thai Buddha Bronze sculpture with the Gesture of Subduing Mara. (4865)

W 630mm H 820mm

Ref: WEB860

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Circa-1910 Galle cameo glass lamp and shade. (33887293)

W 220mm H 500mm

Ref: WEB994

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Burmese Shan States terracotta head of Buddha.

W 250mm H 440mm

Ref: WEB47 (3613)

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A Tashkent Susani, Uzbekistan embroidered hanging.

W 2000mm H 2400mm

Ref: WEB581 (4615)

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Overlaid glass with bronze mount forming basket engraved signature Daum Nancy 5111-40

W 230mm H 215mm

Ref: WEB848 (5111)

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Phoenician 3rd century BC- 1st century BC

L:2cm W:2cm

Provenance: Tombodama Art Museum, no12a pg 18.

WEB1124 (5435)

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