A Blue And White Shoki-Imari Stem Dish

Edo Period c. 1630 – 1650.
Porcelain, underglaze blue
Arita Kilns, Japan
20.5cm D x 3.5cm H

• Private Japanese Collection.

The flat dish with a raised lip supported on a tall and thick rough circular foot-rim decorated with a landscape scene of a house, pine trees, ying birds and stylized swirling clouds above. All painted in variants of underglaze blue, from pale brush-strokes to deeper vibrant blues where the glaze has pooled. The features of the foot-rim indicate the dish is most likely some of the earliest Japanese porcelain produced.

• A similar dish is in the Sekido Museum of Art, Yamatake Yoshikazu Collection – Early Imari Exhibition (Tokyo, 2014), pl.32 p.32.