Blue and White Bamboo and Plum-Blossom Vase

Choson Dynasty- 19th century
H: 30cm x W: 14cm

This tall necked bottle is unique as each side features differing flower motifs with contrasting impressions. One side gives the impression of a lively nature scene. It depicts a wildly sprawling plum tree with twisted branches like the body of a Chinese dragon and three flowers in full bloom. In contrast, the other side has a more subdued impression. It depicts two refined bamboo branches stretching neatly across the side of the bottle with less variation in tonality.

While the Chinese and Japanese markets appreciated the more extravagant Korean blue and white porcelain designs, domestically the strict neo-Confucian Choseon court were more inclined towards the simpler, more subdued pure white porcelain. This vase with its contrasting flower motifs can be said to reflect the two contrasting sensibilities of this time.

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