Fine Jiexiu Ware White Glazed Dish

Jin Dynasty (1115 – 1234)

High-fired Stoneware

Jiexiu Kilns, Shanxi Province, North China

D: 13.2cm x 3cm H

Provenance: Old Japanese Collection

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Finely potted rising from a circular footrim and with sharp angular sides, taken from a metal-ware prototype introduced in the Tang Dynasty from Central Asian. The interior with five tiny spur marks, covered all over in a pure white glaze, stopping just above the foot to expose the pure white clay body. This is an exquisite example of the capabilities of the artisans at the Jiexiu kilns. With its pure white clay, fine potting and pure white glaze, it can be argued that this quality of high red stoneware is the same quality as  if not surpasses Ding ware, made in the neighbouring province, Hebei. Very few Jiexiu ware examples of this quality exists.

• A similar Jiexiu dish of fine quality is on display in the Shanghai Museum, Shanghai, China.