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Shiwan polychrome decorated stone ware standing figure,( Brighton Pavilion type )(4593)

W 230mm H 540mm

Ref: WEB572

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Sancai Glazed dish with flower design. Formerly the Hayashibara Museum collection (4877)

W 260mm H 70mm

Ref: WEB609

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Green glaze "Hill Jar" sits on a bear shape figure, decorated with lions and archaic scenes, the cover with hill shape design. Provenance: Property of a gentleman. These objects appear in a Sotheby's Inventory and Valuation, dated November 1987, and are also discussed by the Vendor's Grandmother in a note dated, 20th April, 1959 (4627)

W 220mm H 350mm

Ref: WEB656

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Yixing stoneware polished tea pot and cover with silver rim.(4735)

W 100mm H 70mm

Ref: WEB668

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Sansai glazed dish. Refer to no.72 in the Tokyo National Museum collection illustrated in Liao pottery by Heibonsha. (5014)

W 273mm H 60mm

Ref: WEB699

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Yellow Glazed bowl (5017)

W 190mm H 100mm

Ref: WEB700

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Blue glazed cup. (provenance:Thompson Collection) (4946)

W 76mm H 55mm

Ref: WEB722

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Standing Court lady (4935)

W 55mm H 185mm

Ref: WEB725

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A pair of female seated officials with their legs crossed. (4934)

W 55mm H 155mm

Ref: WEB726

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A standing plump lady. (2100)

W 110mm H 370mm

Ref: WEB765

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