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"Tagasode" (Whose kimono are they?) two fold screen. Yuzen (Painted and registered dye technique) on a Chirimen-silk.

W 1330mm H 1500mm

Ref: WEB304

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Wood block print (oban yoko-e) of Dachshund by Kiyoshi Saito (born 1907).

W 440mm H 290mm

Ref: WEB305

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6-panel screen, painted with Sumi on silk and gold paper of Mt.Fuji.Signed Shou-un.(3993)

W 3780mm H 1710mm

Ref: WEB379

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One of a pair of a 6-panel screen depicting an old pine tree on a gold background.

W 2640mm H 1120mm

Ref: WEB382

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Hanging scroll, ink painting of a "Summer Landscape".Seal mark of Shugetsu Kyoshi, Toukan (1440?-1529), a pupil of Sesshu. Provenance Date Family Collection.

W 437mm H 983mm

Ref: WEB389

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Goshun Matsumura (1742-1811). Founder of Shijo School. Hanging scroll,ink painting on paper of a daffodil.Signed Goshun, seal mark of Goshun.

W 452mm H 319mm

Ref: WEB395

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4-panel paper screen, bamboo and rocks, painted with ink and red colour on a silver background.

W 1880mm H 1700mm

Ref: WEB401

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Woodblock Print. Title;"Soshu" (Suzhou in China) Dated Showa jyugonen(1940) Signed; Yoshida with seal. Pencil signed in the lower right hand,Hiroshi Yoshida,with seal JIZURI in left margin.(4280)

W 550mm H 400mm

Ref: WEB407

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Woodblock Print. Title;"Kohan-no-Ame"(Rain on the lake at Matsue) Signed and seal mark.Published by Watanabe Shozaburo,Tokyo. Dated Showa shichi-nen Nigatsu-saku.(Feb. 1932) (4281)

W 390mm H 270mm

Ref: WEB408

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Woodblock Print. Title;"Oborozuki"(a dimly moon) IZUMO Matsue. Signed; Hasui and seal. Dated Taisho 13,(1924)

W 260mm H 390mm

Ref: WEB409

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