A Large Sea-Green Jun Ware Purple Splashed Bowl

Song Dynasty (960-1279)-Yuan Dynasty (1279 – 1368).
High-fired Stoneware
Jun ware kilns, Henan Province, North China
D: 19cm H:7.8cm

•   The Montague Meyer Family Collection.
•   Christies London, 14th April 1980, Lot 260.
•   Anthony Du Boulay Collection

Thickly potted with gentle rounded sides, covered in a glossy sea-green glaze liberally splashed with a deep purple glaze on the interior, the foot is left unglazed exposing the clay body.

Jun ware, which is distinguishable from the thick lustrous glaze of varied blue colouration, was made in Junzhou, todays Yuzhou, Henan province from the Song dynasty to Ming Dynasty. In comparison to the other 4 ‘official wares’ (Guan, Ge, Ding and Ru), Jun ware are thickly potted and occasionally decorated with freely splashes of purple.

• A closely related example is in the Cleveland Museum of Art, Cleveland, United States of America. Accession number: 1957.39.