A Fine Early Kakiemon Ware Jar

c. 1660
Porcelain, overglaze enamels, underglaze blue
Kakiemon kilns, Japan
H: 21cm

• Old English Collection.

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Fine Kakiemon jar of ovoid form with short everted neck, painted in rich enamels with a lake scene, small huts on an island with a moored boat and masts on the shore line, amid willow and pine trees, beneath a border of stylised clouds, and bands of blue and yellow enamel.

Kakiemon wares combined a porcelain body with a pure and simple decoration in asymmetrical composition with a use of blank space. The bright palette developed from the early enamel wares became more refined and more lively. In 1660 the Nabeshima Daimyo gave special control of a few Arita kilns to Sakaida Kakiemon to allow him to manufacture porcelain for them to be sent to the enamelling quarters in the Nangawara valet in Arita. The family of potters known as the Kakiemon, which is a patrilineal profession, started to develop its own style as early as the1650’s, stimulating demand in the foreign markets.