A Rare Jun Ware Purple Crackle-Glazed Dish

Song Dynasty -Yuan Dynasty (906- 1279)

High-fired Stoneware.

Jun ware kilns, Henan Province, North China.

D: 19cm

• Francesco Maria, Marchese Taliani de Marchio (1887 – 1968), Grand Officer of the Italian Crown, Commander of the Order of St Maurice and Lazarus, and Commander of the Order of Pius IX (Ordine Piano), and his wife Archduchess Margaretha d’Austria Toscana, Marchesa Taliani de Marchio (1894 – 1986).

• Acquired from The China Curios Co., Shanghai, 7 December 1941

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Thickly potted with shallow rounded sides supported on a circular footrim raising to an angular everted rim, covered in a thick and lustrous lavender-blue glaze suffused with fine purple crazing. The glaze stops just above the foot to reveal the burnt brick-orange clay body.

• A similar example is in the Art Gallery of New South Wales, accession number: 189.1988.