Blanc de Chine Group of Eight Immortals Cups

Early 17th Century
Dehua Kiln, Fujian Province, China
W:7.5cm x H:4.2cm

Each of the 17th century Blanc de Chine wine cups are elegantly molded. Its eight sides stretch out gracefully from a narrow base mirroring the way flower petals flourish from their centre. The cup features four small feet and a slightly everted mouth rim. Its lustrous white surface gives the cup both a natural and soft appearance. Each side of the cup features a different ‘Louhan’ in relief.

One very well-known kiln is that of Dehua in the province of Fujian, which has long been famous for its white porcelain. This porcelain is characterised by a glossy transparent glaze. Colours vary from pure ivory to creams and off-whites. The Louhan depicted on the Blanc de Chine piece refer to the first humans to reach Nirvana, making them popular subjects for traditional Chinese art.

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