Blue and White Oval Jar painted with Finger Citron

18th-19th Century



W:16cm x H:13.5cm

This lantern jar has a generous spherical shape and a tall, slightly flaring mouth and low base. The mouth is decorated with two neat horizontal bands and just below sits an elegant border of peony petals. The body of the jar depicts a sprawling pattern of finger citrons shown in full bloom.

The floral motif of finger citrons is quite unusual as lotuses, peonies and chrysanthemums were more commonly chosen to adorn Korean porcelain wares during this period. Across East Asia, finger citrons are referred to as ‘Buddha’s hands’ (Kor. bulsugam). As such, the finger citron motif carries an auspicious charm, thought to represent happiness, longevity and good fortune.

Provenance: from the Estate of Professor Henryk Ulrich (d.2015)

Similar example:  in Korean Works of Art, Christies, November 1993, pg.51.


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