Huangdao or Lushan ware: Splashed Glazed Stoneware Jar

Stoneware, Lead based glazes.

Tang Dynasty (AD 618-907).

Possibly from the Huangdao kilns, Jiaxian, Henan, China.

H: 22.5cm, D: 18cm.

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The stoneware jar of ovoid form rising from a short foot with rounded sides is covered overall with a brown glaze, with a few areas untouched exposing the orangey-brown body. Over the brown base-layer, the sides are suffused with large uneven splashes of varying colours ranging from white, grey, pale blue to indigo. The viscous splashes drips curdlike down the body in large streaks, before it comes to a halt- the brown undercoat ends in an uneven line above the foot, revealing the granular body.

  • A similar piece Huangdao jar is illustrated by Junchiki Mayuyama Seventy Years,  1, Tokyo, 1976, pl. 312.