Kenjyo-Imari ‘Araiso’ Or Leaping Carp Bowl

Edo Period: c. 1690 – 1710.
Porcelain, polychrome enamel
Arita Kilns, Japan.
D: 25cm H: 7.5cm.

• Private Japanese Collection.

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With rounded walls with an everted lip and a deep well supported on a short and thick footrim. The bowl is decorated using the typical colours of Imari ware; Overglaze iron red, green, aubergine and yellow and gilding, as well as underglaze blue. The design is of a carp leaping out of the stylized ocean below wavy clouds, surrounded by eight ‘Aoi-mon’ panels in alternating patterns. The base with a double circle and a single spur mark.

• A similar Kenjo-imari bowl is illustrated by Cassidy-Geiger, 2008, no. 375, p. 713.