Ko-Kiyomizu ‘Tokkuri’ Sake Bottle In The Form Of A Young Child

Edo Period: 17th/18th Century
Porcelain, polychrome enamel
Kyoto, Japan.
W: 13.5cm H: 14.5cm.

• Private Canadian Dr Collection.

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A seated young child wearing a green kimono with roundels depicting autumn leaves with gold trimmings, holding a folded ‘noshi’ decorated with bamboo, pine trees and a prunus tree. Decorated with green and blue enamels and gilt on a cream crackled ground.

Originally setup by Nonomura Ninsei (active 1655-1681), Kyoto ware kilns produced creative and diverse objects, mainly for the tea ceremony. This sake bottle with its ingenius design is an example of the superb creativity of the Kyoto ware kilns.

  • No other example of this form seem to exist.
  • A Kyoto ware sake bottle is in the Metropolitan Museum: Accession Number:2015.500.9.42