‘Phoenix Tail’ Gu-Shaped Vase

A Kangxi Mark and Period ‘Phoenix Tail’ Green Glazed Gu-Shaped Vase
Porcelain and copper-green lead glaze
Kangxi Period (AD 1662-1723)
Jingdezhen, Jiangxi Province, South Central China
H: 18cm W:10cm

From the collection of Karl Wilhelm Gerdhem.

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This ‘Phoenix Tail’ vase is flanked by two lion mask ring handles, decorated overall in an apple-green glaze. The Kangxi Emperor’s mission to revive the Jingdezhen kiln sites was hugely successful. One of the main objectives was the rebirth and redevelopment of all monochrome glazes, including the apple-green glaze exhibited here. ‘Da qing kang xi nian zhi’ on the base.