Rimpa School Folding Fans Screen

Rimpa School


Six-Panel Folding Screen

Paper, Ink, Colour Pigments, and Gofun

W 372cm H 171cm

• Exhibited at the Manggha Museum, Krakow (2014)

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Six-panel folding screen. paper, ink, colour pigments, and go fun. A stylised meandering river, asymmetrical composition and gold ground are all signature stylistic means of the Rimpa school, with its attempts to revive the best of the Yamato-e tradition. This bold, half-abstract decoration brings our focus to the design based on contrasts – dark river and bring gold, simple background and details of fans. The fans are decorated with Kiku (chrysanthemums), evocative of autumn. The flowers have been further highlighted using a technique called moorage – slightly raised relief obtained by painting with go fun, a paste of glue mixed with powder from baked and ground shells. Thanks to this suggestive volume, the flowers appear to ‘pop out’ of the painting.