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Japanese Shibayama Inlay Elephant And Guanyin Koro

Meiji Period: 1868 – 1912
Lacquer, mother of pearl, coral, ivory, semi-precious gems, silver, closissone-enamel
W: 15cm H: 16cm

• Private Japanese Collection.

In the form of an Indian elephant, topped with a seated figure of Guanyin holding a blessing whisk, which forms the lid of the ‘koro’ or box and cover. The elephant adorned with semi-precious jewels and silver attachments, draped over its back is a skirt with a phoenix medallion on each side, made from cloissone-enamel on a gold and silver diaper background. In the style of Shippo and Somada ‘Aogai’ inlay works.

• Similar high quality Shibayama Inlay are in the Nasser D. Khalili Collection, Meiji (no) takara, Treasures of Imperial Japan, Lacquer part II, illustrated, nos.184 and 185.

Ivory Registration Ref: DCWUBREZ