Three Kakiemon Blue And White Square Section Bottles

c.1680 – 1710
Porcelain, underglaze blue Kakiemon kilns, Japan
Large: H: 17cm W: 9cm
Medium: H: 14cm W: 8cm
Small: H:13.5cm W: 7cm.

• Ernest Chly Collection. (Largest)
• Old English Collection. (Medium)

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Each square bottle with four straight sides rising up from a square sectionedat foot, with rounded shoulders and two of the larger bottles topped with a different metal lid, all exhibit the same design decorated in underglaze cobalt blue. On one side a man walks in a landscape scene balancing on his shoulders a yoke with two buckets of salt attached. On another side two women in a garden scene holding fans as birds fly above. One side displays a flower spray rising high above a double-gourd, which depicts a woman holding a fan, while the last side is decorated with a flowering peony tree sprouting from a rock next to a pond.