‘Akoda’ Shaped ‘Hana-ire’ Or Lobed Flower Vase

Momoyama Period (1568-1603)
High-fired Stoneware
Ko-Bizen kilns, Japan
H: 21.5 cm

The elegant flower vase was made at the zenith of the Bizen ware kilns, when rich and powerful aristocrats such as Lord Toyotomi Hideyoshi and other great tea masters were significant patrons of the kilns. The reddish- brown exterior, imitating bronze is formed during the firing process, where the high temperatures would create a natural glaze on the vessels.

Unique to this piece are the accidental natural marks caused by ashes being blown onto the piece during the firing process inside the kiln, along with the intricate fan shaped lacquered ‘kintsugi’ restoration on the rim on the vase. This simple but dramatic effect on this sombre zen-like finish particularly appealed to the aesthetic senses of tea masters.

• Private Japanese Collection.