Japanese Lacquer Panel of Koi Carp

Taisho period (1915-1928)

signed Kōgetsu Saku, painted in gold, silver and colour.

W 55cm, H 63cm

This lacquered panel is subtle in its beauty. The background is composed of a mixture of rich autumn hues which create the impression of a murky pond in which the two koi carp emerge. The carp are rendered in gold and silver takamakie, their scales embellished with tiny gold flecks. The detail is exquisite as subtle tonal distinctions in the colour of the Koi’s scales can be seen in places where the Koi’s body is submerged under water. Surrounding the Koi are soft waves in low relief. The waves have been embellished with tiny speckles of gold and silver which create a rippling effect and add a sense of tranquility to this nature scene. Below the Koi is a sparse brush of iris plants in low relief painted in silver and gold. Above the Koi, a pine tree is shown in gold and is highlighted with a sprinkling of a sparse gold nashiji. In the bottom left corner is the mark of the artist Kogetsu Saku.