Longquan Celadon Duck-Censer

Porcelain with Celadon Glaze.

Ming Dynasty (AD1364-1644).

Longquan kilns, Zhejiang, South China.

W:15cm H:20.5cm.

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Modelled with its neck erect and head tilted to the left. The duck stands on a wave form base with its bulging eyes, wide open beak, detailed with carved feather markings. Its right wing acting as the cover to a hidden cavity used for burning aromatic incense to be emitted from its open beak and a circular hole under its tail feathers. The jade like glaze covers the majority of the surface with exceptions of the underside, exposing the burnt brick-orange coloured body.

  • A similar piece but with gilt-bronze wings is in the British Museum collection, museum number: 1973,0726.319.