Roiro Inro with Blue Glass Inlaid Flower Buds

Inro 19th Century
Five Case Inro with silver inlaid moon Signed Jyokasai

This inro of rectangular form is decorated on both sides with lacquered gold blooming wildflowers in takamakie (high relief). The wildflowers are placed on a glossy black lacquered background sprinkled with sparse gold flecks (hirame). The resultant impression is that the flowers are glistening in the moonlight. The petals of the flowers and top bead are highlighted in turquoise blue which provides a stunning contrast to the rich black and gold tones. The interior is covered in a dense nashiji.

The inro is a vessel made up of multiple tiers. They were employed as an accessory to Kimono which traditionally did not include pockets. Since the late Muromachi period, inro were worn suspended from the Kimono sash by a silk cord. As the designs of inro became more ornate and varied, these vessels became an important fashion accessory, allowing both the creator and wearer to show off their artistic expression.

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